Voyage Pittoresque Aux Nordic Noir

Autumn/Winter 2018 captured by Jasper Wyatt

Jasper Wyatt 2

Jenny and Hanna wearing the final looks from the catwalk show

Jasper Wyatt 12

Linnea in a tech-fabric showpiec, pleated details on cuff

14.08.2018 Meet Jasper Wyatt — a new Oslo-citizen

Our friendship with Jasper started in a whirl wind during Oslo Runway this week, as we set the quest of capturing the final looks of our Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, minutes after the models left the catwalk. Just outside our atelier Jasper beautifully captured the models in bright sunlight in front of dark red spike leafes.

Jasper's thoughts on the transition from London to Oslo:

Having spent 7 enjoyable years in London working, meeting new people and making friends for life, I was hungry for a change. 2 years ago I met my Norwegian girlfriend who was at the same stage as me with 'The City of London' and she welcomed me with the opportunity in moving back with her to Norway. I fell in love with Norway instantly and what it had to offer, the city of Oslo welcomed me with beautiful colourful buildings, a calmer sense of pace, and an eager to grow. Taking part in my first Oslo Runway, I can see how hungry this city is to grow and make a stamp for it self and I feel at ease already with this stunning city & country. I am really looking forward to what I can learn from Oslo and what I can bring to offer.

Jasper Wyatt 23

The whole collection is styled by Pauline Nærholm — a long time team member of the Epilogue Atelier

Any details from the collection that catch your eye ?

Being a big fan of layering and clean edges, Epilogues AW18 collection aesthetically pleased me. The collection really worked well under natural light as all the clean finishes were highlighted beautifully under the sun creating harsh shadows, as well as the pleated peplums. I especially loved Linnea's final look in a very tech fabric piece in a military green, I really love items with a strong structure to them, photographically they are a dream to shoot.

Jasper Wyatt 6

This is one of Eva's, head designer, favorite pieces from the collection — a soft, calf leather showpiece made exclusively in Italy for the runway show.

Tell us a bit about you background and how you ended up in fashion in the first place

After finishing a degree in photography, in which I never shot a fashion story at, I was lucky enough to land myself a full time position at a very established photographic studios called Sunbeam Studios, in west London. This is where I was introduced to the world of fashion photography, I hadn't really been interested in fashion photography until now, but I had been interested in fashion as a consumer as I liked that it was a way to express your personality . After finishing up at the studios and using the priceless contacts I had gathered, I carried on working as a production runner/ photographic assistant until I landed my second job as a studio manager for a year at a company called London Boutiques, which unfortunately no longer exists. Fortunately swiftly after this, I was giving the opportunity in working as a Shoot Coordinator at what is seen internationally as one of the best online fashion companies going, This is where I was amerced into a another genre of fashion, known as e-commerce, I was there for 4 years and this is where I finally found my route back to shooting and round off my 7 year journey in London.

Do you have any personal projects you want to share?

I currently have one project I never leave at home, its a on going piece focusing round the urban jungle as I call it, cities/towns/villages. It's a series of images devoid of the human's form. The situations and subject matter captured are all clearly evidence of our interaction with, our control of, and our effect upon our environment. You might not see the man, but you certainly cannot miss his footprint. I have yet to publish it on my website as I want to keep it alive and growing, however I am very happy to share it with you.

Jasper Wyatt 8

Through-out the collection Eva has focused on the details in classic pieces, such as cuff straps and heavy-top stitches in rich, structural textiles — mainly sourced in Italy and France

Jasper Wyatt 20

Asymmetrical pleating in a classic real-made Moiré from an old Moiré weaving mill located in France

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All styling by Pauline Nærholm / PS Magazine
The pictured styles are all showpieces from the AW18 runway show

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