EPILOGUE launch of the exclusive ready-to-wear collection «Voyage Pittoresque Aux Nordic Noir — AW18»

AW18 SHOW Tuesday the 14th of August 2018 — 1 PM
Soft opening of our Atelier and Store — 2 PM

Prologue: The independent Oslo brand was formed back in 2004. Over the past years, the founder and head designer Eva Emanuelsen has shaped the brand into what it is today — a ready-to-wear approach to the premium segment made for enlightened, modern women. The collections are made to last beyond seasons, as the atelier design new pieces and reinvent classics in a contemporary merge of traditional fabrics, silhouettes and techniques.

The Atelier is located in the heart of the old city centre, specifically in the backyard of the Old Christiana Postal Offices — as a part of the new fashion district that culminates by the harbour of the Opera House and the new Munch Museum.

The AW18 show attracts the most influential fashion characters, national and international press as well as the most renown stylists. This day, the new autumn collection will be presented, which will first appear on the catwalk and then later exhibited in the atelier, which allow the audience to see the collection by closely the seam. Parts of the collection showcased the same day will be available for customers to purchase in the atelier true to the "see now-buy now" principle.

EPILOGUE «Voyage Pittoresque Aux Nordic Noir — AW18»

It’s a dark frame of mind throughout the Voyage Pittoresque Aux Nordic Noir AW18 collection, in which reflect the inherent strength of the women we dress — as the modern women remolds and reinvents herself in response to her surroundings, facilitates this collection a carefully curated selection of pieces to empower her in the passage and transition. In accumulated authority and quiet confidence, she overtures with a stormy and splendid mind. With a steady and classic form of expression, the pieces are pittoresque in its sharp cuts, dark in its textures of traditional moire and python, shiny like satin silk hair, timeless in its pleats and innovative with its technical take on classical woven fabrics. All this, carefully constructed around EPILOGUE’ core idea of Nordic elegance and sartorial flair.

— Nordic elegance and sartorial flair

The brand originates from a classic sartorial wardrobe, where the focus for all seasons has, and always will be, to facilitate a unique collection to empower women through defined and strong silhouettes. Our continuous encounter of Nordic women that emanates confidence in their lifestyle and mindset, is all over a great influence for Epilogue. Since launching in 2004, we have applied architectural lines in our pieces, which preserve a flair of Oslo where Epilogue is based and created.

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