Artist of the week portraid in Milk.zyx in our Buttercup Coat

Skjermbilde 2018 08 02 Kl 18 01 15

Apollinaria Broche in Buttercup Coat

Skjermbilde 2018 08 09 Kl 00 54 31
Skjermbilde 2018 08 09 Kl 00 54 39

Shared article and pictures from MILK.zyx

written by Ella Jayes

Twenty-three-year-old Apollinaria Broche is a French and Russian installation artist who grew up in Moscow. Working with metal, wood, clay, Broche creates handmade objects to blur the lines between reality and imagination. Through her work, she attempts to craft different universes and shed light on her audience’s “escape places”. At the tail end of her studies in Los Angeles, Milk caught up Broche before her latest group show (which will be staged at the Harvard House Motel on July 12 with Morgan Elder and Charlie Kelman), and before she heads back to Paris to finish her masters at Beaux-Arts (...) Read the full article on MILK.zyx from July 2018

Photography: Madeleine DallaStyling: Hodo Musa

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